Pars or Better Golf Academy

Improve your golf game @ Pars or Better!

Here at Pars or Better, you can find everything you need. Our golf instruction is focused on assisting your through simple methods. You will understand easier the necessary mechanics of how to synchronize what your body already knows how to do, while incorporation the golf swing. Our instructors have studied many school taught and step-by-step mechanical designed methods and has developed the ideal was to improve your game; providing high-quality instruction and customer satisfaction – offering group and private lessons to meet your expectations. We will work hard with you in order to find your “Aha” moment in golf.

There are varieties of instruction depending on your skill level. For the beginner, you will learn uniquely from the green to the teeing ground. The more experienced players, we will work together to develop critical fundamentals towards game improvement. For advanced players, we will conduct all the major aspects of your knowledge of the rules, technical swing patterns, and the mental aspects of competitive play.